Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 7,8,9

Well......things are being amazing, we finished up our training yesterday and today was my first day of legit work and oh man it was awesome!!!!  I just want to say I love my job and think it is amazing (but yet again if you want to know more about that you will have to personally call me or facebook chat me or something of the sort) and I have a ton of stories that I can totally share that are the best and really magical so give me a call!!!!  But other than that then pretty much we have just been being exhausted and just been resting a lot after work but it feel great!!!  Last night I watched the Fox and the Hound for the first time ever (yup didn't grow up on that one) and it was sad but really good, I quite enjoyed it.  Also I have been making awesome amazing friends both member and non-member and they are the best (looks like I might be the designated driver sometimes cause it got out that well...I don't drink, booyah!!) they really are fun and overall good people.  The coolest thing though is to see the way that the girls react to someone who is a gentleman.  So in the mormon culture, especially at BYUI then we are taught to be gentlemen and to be very kind and respectful to the ladies and we are also taught to be very helpful and always there for others, and it kinda just becomes natural to want to help to make someone's burden lighter and to help someone be more comfortable.  So we were all waiting for the bus at Disney Animal Kingdom and it came up that I served a two year mission for my church in Hungary and it was way cool cause one of the girls just turns to me (Hannah) and she just starts commenting on what a different man I am from others because I am a gentleman, I am there to help and want to without reward and that I am just wanting to be a good person and strive to be that.  Pretty much she was impressed with how mormon boys are, they are respectful and helpful and loving and happy, so it was so cool to see how over the course of 5 days how it affected these girls, I don't know if they think it is weird or not or how comfortable they feel with it, but I know that it did impress them and that it was a nice change, so go Mormons!!  Anyways, so that was super enjoyable and really a good motivator to me to continue to be the best I can be because the people here need it, both the guests and the workers.  Other than that you will have to call me to get more details about my amazing magical adventure up here, but I love you all tons and hope things are going well in your lives!!!!  Have a Magical Day!!!

Daniel Carter

Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 5 and Day 6

Alright, things are going awesome....I am pretty much just working my butt off, it is crazy, pretty much every morning I am waking up around 6-ish and then going to work and then coming home around 5:30 in the evening, realizing how tired I am, I then eat some food, do preparation for my job the next day and then go to bed....yup that is what is happening so far, but I love it (and truly if you want to know more about my job call me cause I would love to tell you all about it, I just can't say much on here).  But....yesterday (Sunday) after work we came home all sweaty and nasty and ran into our apartments, changed cloths into sunday cloths, and then ran back out to the bus to take us to a location by Disney University to be picked up for church.  So we went to church in all our nastiness, but dressed nicely, and it was wonderful to have church even though it was only about 40 minutes long.  Pretty much for the College Program people down here we can't always make it to morning church and so they hold a night church at 8 at night and it is pretty much just a short sacrament meeting with one or two talks.  It was great to go (even though we were all at the point of almost falling asleep cause we were so tired) because it just hadn't felt like Sunday the whole day, which was hard cause I really wanted to treat the day like a normal Sabbath Day but wasn't able to because of work, but it turned out good with the sacrament meeting.  After that then I met the missionaries there and found out that one of my dear friends here in the program with me was going to be visited by them that night, and so I told them that I knew her and they asked it I would come along and I said sure I would love to.  So it was great cause I got to drive with them back tot he apartments and visit with them, and it was awesome, and then we were able to give a blessing to my friend and it was awesome, I could just feel how much the Lord loves her and how much He truly cares for her, He gave her some amazing council and warnings that I haven't really ever heard so potently before, so it was amazing and I was glad to be able to be there for her as a friend and give her my love, she really is amazing and I love her dearly.  That same friend told me today that she is going to be going home back to utah tomorrow because she has just been having a hard time with life down here, but the blessing was able to give her good council to follow and it sounds like she followed it so it is good she is going home, but I am still sad she is leaving cause in these few short days we have created a very pure and strong bond with each other and I will truly miss that and miss her.  But that is all good friends do come and friends do go and we just can do our best to keep contact and keep that relationship alive if it really has that worth to us.  But anyway, life is going great, I am having a great time down here (especially with the new experiences such as Dole Whip/Pineapple Float from the Dole shop in animal kingdom which is so wonderful, it is soft serve pineapple ice cream (for the whip) and then the float is that same stuff but in a cup full of pineapple juice, oh ya it is good).  I love you all and I hope that things are going well.

Daniel Carter

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 3 and part of 4

ok, so on day three then we had kind of the general orientation meeting called traditions and basically what it was for was to help orient us to what kind of traditions disney has and what makes disney special and what sort of things are expected of us.  We went on a tour of the behind the scenes side of disney and got to see how we get around and just how everything works in general.  So that was cool, but then we went into Magic Kingdom and just walked around and observed everything and it was really cool and really exciting to see everything and realize that I was going to be a part of all of it and be able to be part of that magic, and it got me really excited.  But the traditions thing took from 8:00 until almost 1:00 so that was all good.  After that then me and my friend Cassie (also from BYUI) went to the Magic Kingdom and we had so much fun, we went on the Haunted Mansion, which was so much fun and while we were in line then we started to talk to this mom and her daughter that were behind us and they were so cool and nice, but the coolest part is that they gave us their fast pass passes for splash mountain, so we got to the front of the line really quick....but it doesn't stop there, later that before the fireworks (talk about that in a sec) Cassie, Michelle and I went to Space Mountain and it turned out that it had a 70 minute wait, but then this guy and this girl came up to us and said hey there are three of you and we have three fast pass tickets if you all want them, so we got those too and got right on the ride, it was so amazing, the Lord was just giving us little tender mercies everywhere.  But the best part was the fireworks, oh they were so beautiful, it was done to this music that was just beautiful and it was all about wishes and dreams and it was really touching, i just loved it and it touched me and really just made me want to stay and bring that magic to all the people that were there, it is going to be awesome!!  But anyway, here is the thing, they gave us a pretty firm lecture today in my first day of training and they told us all that we couldn't really talk about our job.....because we can't reveal that side of disney in such an open way, so I will keep on talking about my experiences just not really about my job as much, so if you want to hear about specifics then you can give me a call and I will talk to you about it and about what I am doing and what not as long as you don't go spreading it around.  But anyways, I love you all and here are a few pictures of some rides we went on, but I will write more later, love yall

Daniel Carter

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 2

Alright, things are going great, I am loving it here and I just keep making more friends and having more and more fun.  First off I have to write about the awesome armadillo we saw last night, yup.  we were sitting at a bus stop and we heard something in the bushes behind us so we turned around and watched and an armadillo was just sauntering through the bushes like it was totally normal, it was way cool.  But anyways, today then I hooked up with an awesome friend Alexa Winn who I actually met at auditions for character performing in march and I haven't seen her since but we have kept up on facebook and become really good friends, and today then we got to hang out and go to the store together and it was awesome, and it is sweet to have made a great friend out of her, we will have fun.  Other than that we started on our way to a big pool party (William (my roommate), Cassie, and Kathrine) and as we left it just started to pour rain, it was way way way way crazy just poured like there was never going to be another day of rain.  So we just walked there in our swimming suits and splashed in puddles (thanks mom for the sandels they hold up really well in water) and then went and got some pizza and swam a bit, (parties are way different here than in utah and idaho, dancing is different and was fun and funny at the same time, we had a good time), and then we just walked around int he pouring rain talking and splashing in puddles, it was awesome!!!  so ya florida has crazy heat, crazy humidity, and crazy rainstorms everyday, with lightning and thunder, it is awesome and I love it.  other than that we just played scum all night and I gave myself a hair cut, and it turned out alright, not the best, but good enough.  So ya that is day 2 and I am excited for tomorrow cause that is when the real stuff gets rolling, booyah!!!!!


First Day

Well, so far so good, I went through my first day of orientation and it went pretty well, we did all of the paper work including background check, pay roll, schedules and all of that sort of stuff, so it went really well and I am pretty much set up to get going and start working my butt off and I am so excited!!  I have also hooked up with two other character performers from BYU-I that I actually knew from before, one of them, Michelle, is the cousin of my old roommate Gary so that is pretty cool.  But ya Cassie and Michelle have both become my new best friends and we are having a blast just doing stuff together like going shopping and eating and just exploring.  One interesting thing that has happened so far is when I landed on Tuesday it turned out that my ride wasn't going to be showing up until 10:30 and I got there at 4:00 so I ended up finding a corner and curling up and sleeping a lot and then I watched so you think you can dance on the internet, it was a long wait but it worked out.  The best part of that night is this sign that I found on a hotel that we dropped off a couple of the girls at, it looked like this:
Them poor "slow happy children"
So that just made my night, oh man.  But ya, last night was good too, we have been learning the bus systems well and we went to the Beach Club resort at disney and hung out on the beach there and watched a bugs life on a big screen and then went and got these huge kitchen sinks full of ice cream and every topping imaginable at this place called Beaches and Cream, and it was intense, but we ate it and the whole place was amazed (the best part was drinking the remains at the end, booyah!!!!)  So so far so good, I am loving it, making awesome friends, and getting so excited to start training.  Oh...and I turns out that I am officially a character performer for shows and parades, so that should mean that I am going to be dancing like crazy which makes me super excited and happy, training will start on saturday for that so I will keep yall posted!!!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nothing quite yet

So, right now I am just getting ready for the trip by packing everything up and making sure I am ready for my adventure, but I am excited to do this blog and I hope that everyone has a fun time following it, I will post a lot more in a week.