Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Finally...I show Life!!!!

Our Halloween Sign!!
Yup...you can guess which one
 most resembles me!!
Over nighters
Hello there everyone, I am alive and doing well and I have my computer back up and running and it is doing great and I have stopped slacking and am now finally writing on my blog again!!!!  booyah!!  anyways, tons of stuff has been happening that is for sure, I have been having a wonderful time just like always and have really been just learning a ton, but also just experiencing a lot of things and making a lot of really cool friends.  ummmm...so some of the more significant things that have been happening include that I got into the Christmas Castle Show (otherwise known as Celebrate the Season or CTS) and this is the show that is done on the castle stage in front of cinderellas castle (that castle at the start of every disney movie) and we perform it three times during each christmas party at magic kingdom (which happens 4 times a week with me working usually 3 of those) and I am a reindeer in it!!  so I am loving that and I am actually very lucky and blessed to be able to be doing it cause I have been talking to many people and there are some that have just got in the show for the first time and they have been here for 5 years trying to get in and then there are those who have been here even longer and never got into the show, so it is quite the blessing and accomplishment to get into the show after being here for only 3 months, and it turns out that I am actually the only male College Program cast member in it, so I am the only one that is doing this internship that is male in the cast of 100, so that is pretty special and I just love it , it has been quite the experience learning the whole show and working on the whole show.  speaking of the show here is a link and maybe a video of the show that you all can watch and I will be one of the reindeer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35Z_DtqDhbk but ya that has been pretty intense cause we have been working on the show since the first-ish of october and we practiced the ummm...stuff out of the show, we could do the whole thing with our eyes shut.  Then part of that rehearsal process the week before the show opened then we had four overnight rehearsals in a row from 1030 at night to 730 in the morning which really kinda screwed us all up, but we just practiced on the castle stage to get used to the risers and not being able to really see in our heads and what not, ya it wasn't easy but it was so much fun and quite the disorienting experiences.
Yup, done with glue and then
weird make-up, everyone
thought it was pretty creepy
From the Side

My pumpkin!!
So in connection with that I will be doing the parade filming for the christmas parade filming this year so for the next three days i will have rehearsals and then the filming so i will try to find a way that you all can watch that cause supposedly it is aired internationally so you all should be able to check it out and i should be able to point out which reindeer I am.  So ya christmas has been all sorts of fun for sure, but I sure am going to miss my whole family =( I love you guys and I am going to have a blast down here but I am going to miss you all for sure cause you are all the best family in the world and I just love being with you all (even though I am not around yall a whole ton I still love ya!) but the holidays have gone really well, me and a bunch of my friends from back up at school down here have been putting together parties for each of the different holidays, so we had a huge halloween party complete with pumpkin carving, poster making, games, and tons of treats...oh ya and awesome costumes too.  Then for thanksgiving then we had a huge feast two sundays before where we all brought food and we had around 15 people there and had so much food and it was amazingly good and so much fun, and we made a thankful poster with turkey hands decorated how we wanted and it was so amazing and fun!!  And now we are putting together a Christmas party which should be equally enjoyable and I am very excited for it for sure!!!  So ya we are keeping busy.

Cinderellas Castle with Christmas Lights
Me and my pumpkin
Missionary work has been quite amazing, it is just so awesome how much I get to talk about the church with people that I work with, if I just leave my Book of Mormon out while I work then I am pretty much guaranteed that someone will talk to me about it and it is so cool to spread the gospel and the comment I get most from people after having a good discussion with them is, wow you really make me think about things and you have some very good points.  So it has been awesome, and the Elders have labeled me as one of their favorites so I actually go and work with them a lot and teach with them a lot.  I love it actually it is really nice to work with them and get to teach with them, it is like being on a mission again except now I am the member, which is so sweet cause i get to be the friend!!!  so ya that has been cool.  In connection with church I had a really cool experience with it cause I have really learned to express myself more and more through the piano and I have really learned to play with chords well and it has been cool.  But one time in between sessions of conference then I was playing the piano in the relief soceity room and a member of the bishopric heard me and came in and listened for a while and then left, then he came back a few minutes later and told me that he just had the impression to ask me to play in sacrament meeting and afterwards to give a talk, so i said of course I would.  The really cool part is that I had prepared to play a different rendition of A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief that I had put together, but then the night before my talk then I was sitting at home and I suddenly had chords come to me and so I sat down with a paper and pen and wrote the chords in the order that they came and put the dynamics that I felt for each of the chords with it and i felt that that was what I was supposed to play.  So I went to church the next day and went and played with it in a room for a bit, and made sure I knew the chords.  So then when it came my turn to play in church then I got up there and looked at the chords and then I just focused inwards and felt what was there and that is what I played, I just let my fingers go and used the chords for a guide but I just played what I felt and it came so well and so beautifully.  After then I gave my talk and it went well, but later then many people came up to me very amazed at my playing but mainly that it had just come from my heart, that I was able to just improv my feelings inside and that I was willing to share those feelings with them all.  So it was wonderful and since then I have been able to play for two baptisms as well and been able to make up special musical numbers on the spot and it has been wonderful to have something so personal to me be so appreciated and loved by others.

Gotta love the funny names eh?
T-I-Double G-ER that spells Tigger!!
But ya, along with all that it turns out that I will probably be going to England in the summer for a ballroom dance competition for a week, so that is going to be way awesome and very fun and an amazing experience, (I know that was random but I thought I would just pop that out there).  I guess this is quite a bit to read actually so I will leave it at this with some pictures and I will write more if I think of more to write so that I can catch you all up on things.  I love you all tons and miss you all and wish you were here with me, have a wonderful day!!!

Daniel Carter
Yup...the Bouncy One!!


  1. Hi, Bouncy Boy. You should call me sometime. Heh. It was good to hear about all your excitement. I'll bet you're a really cute reindeer. Hey, do the other reindeer ever laugh and call you names?

  2. Those reindeer were CUTE! I think I might have figured out which one was you for a moment.

  3. Wow!! My kids are going to freak out when I show them that you tube video! How cool to have an uncle that danced on the Cinderella stage! You're awesome Daniel! Miss you!

  4. Wow!!! Happy Holidays to you too. I must say that the best part about it was the reindeer's white butts. Those tails and legs were great. Really glow in the dark. I think I know which one was you too Daniel. You make a fine reindeer. You did your part without a hitch. (Does that mean you were unhitched? Anyway, I'll bet the kids all loved it.

    Thanks for all the great news and pictures Daniel. I was so happy to get to hear how you were doing. My favorite picture is you and your pumpkin. That is so YOU!. It's a fabulous jack-o-lantern.

    The missionary work sounds like a terrific experience. What a thrill to be in the mission field and to be around so many people all the time that are curious about the gospel. That's awesome. And way to go on the piano playing. Playing from the heart is so rewarding - satisfying.

    Thanks again for the update. I'll watch for more soon. Happy Holidays Daniel. (I'll bet you hear that in your sleep.)