Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bring on the Holidays!!!

Pooh, Tigger and I
Alright!!!  so I haven't written in a while, but here I go....  Things are going amazingly!!!  there are quite a few things to write about so I will do my best to write in paragraphs (for Lia) and be detailed and have some pictures (for mom).

Ok...so the first thing that i have been thinking a lot about lately (and actually had a really good conversation with my friend Elle about the other day) is how much I like my job because for the first couple of weeks then I liked my job but I guess I just wasn't the happiest with it because I was too focused on wanting to dance and on how it wasn't quite what I was expecting.  But after about three weeks or so then suddenly my whole attitude changed and I came to love my job, I mean it isn't the most physically appealing job since it really does wear you out and make you tired, but I came to start focusing on the guests instead of myself and everything became so much better!!!  I truly came to love to interact with the guests and with my partner and I started to really just have fun, and now I couldn't imagine having any other job here at disney, this one is the best, especially for me!!
One of my favorite depiction of Wizard Mickey

So the beautiful thing is once I came to accept and love my job for what it is I suddenly got an awesome blessing!!  You see me and my dancing friends had all been very set on getting into the Christmas Parade but it just didn't seem like it was going to work out, pretty much cause none of us made it in.  So we were all pretty sad about that and kinda bumbed cause it looked like we weren't going to get into any of the shows.  But just a few days ago then I got a text from my glorious friend Peyton and she told me that I needed to check the lists for the Christmas shows after work, and then right after then my friend Elle sent me a text telling me that I was chosen to be a reindeer in the castle christmas show!!!  which is awesome, and my friend Peyton, Elle, and Cassie all made it into the show as well, so we are all going to be in the Christmas show that happens at Cinderella's Castle in the center of Magic Kingdom during the Christmas parties that will be happening all through November and December!!!  we are so so so so so so excited, so if anyone comes to visit me down here in those months then they can see me as a reindeer performing on the stage there!!  So that is something exciting.
Bottom: Me, Elle; Middle: Cassie, Michelle, Andrea

Along the dancing lines we did have this awesome dance workshop this last weekend for everyone who had advanced movement skills (which includes me and all my friends above) and it was so much fun...it was jazz based but had a latin feel to it so I was able to take my ballroom and apply it to the dancing and I just had a blast, all of us did!!  oh how I love dancing.  A funny thing that happened with it was that when we had split into groups so that we could dance full out and be critiqued by the instructors then I went up and did it for my second time (the combination) and the people on my side closest to me were just cheering my on cause I was getting my hips into the dancing (from my latin ballroom training) and just going nuts with my face and it was just so much fun, and they loved it and it was great to dance so openly and be so accepted for it, compared to when I told my roommate william that I had cleared out the living room when no one was home and I had danced for an hour, and he asked who my partner was, and I said myself, and he just thought it was awkward and weird, so it was nice to be accepted for what I love to do!!!

So at work then a very sad thing happened, I was hanging out with Tigger and we were about to go down to the break room so he could take a break, but then one of the attendants that was up there with us came and asked Tigger if he would come over with Piglet and visit this girl at a table, so I sat back and watched as Tigger went over to this table where this girl (in her early 20s) was just sobbing, she was all alone and just was in uncontrolable tears.  So I see Tigger and Piglet sit there for 3-4 minutes just hugging her and holding her hand and just trying to comfort her.  After a while then she calmed down and was able to get a hold of herself and so then I went with Tigger for his break and the attendant that had grabbed Tigger in the first place came up and told us that the girl that Tigger had been comforting had been planning on celebrating her birthday with her boy friend that morning and they had planned on meeting at the Crystal Palace for breakfast...but he didn't come.  So on her birthday she was ditched and was left to spend the whole day by herself, without her boy friend (who probably isn't her boy friend anymore, but who knows), so it was really sad to hear what had happened to her but it was quite amazing to see the comfort and love that Tigger and Piglet could give to the girl, it made me really appreciate and respect the characters for the influence they can have on those around them.
Cassie, Michelle and me at an Italian restaurant in Italy at Epcot

Ok.....there is more that I could write but I am really tired and need to rest...but I promise to write more sooner than later!!  but I love you all and hope life is treating yall well!!

Daniel Carter


  1. Thanks Daniel. I love to find a new post when I check your blog! Your experiences are so interesting. I do see that the characters can have a real influence on the guests. You have a great opportunity there.

    Fun too to hear about your dancing adventure. How great to get to really shake it up. And when Christmas comes, you will be the most agile reindeer. (They will probably vote you in as an honorary Rudolf.)

    Thanks for the paragraphs. It made reading a joy. I love you.

  2. (Thanks for the paragraphs! ♥)

    You'll make a fabulous reindeer, Daniel. I wish I could come see you in action. That was sad about the birthday girl who got ditched. I hope her day went better after Piglet and Tigger comforted her.

    You are a fabulous dancer. I love to see you movin' and groovin'.

  3. Maaaan. I feel really bad for that girl who got ditched. I'm glad she got some comfort.

    (Tactfully told story, by the way.)

    I'm really glad you made the Christmas parade!! You rock. And I'm also glad you got to do some real dancing where people accepted you. Keep going. You're awesome.