Saturday, September 4, 2010

Just Keep Swimming!!

Me and William (roommate) dressed as Japanese men at Epcot

My training group, so so so amazing, I love them!!

A bunch of us at Blizzard Beach, awesome water park!

A picture of just about everyone in our hang out group,
kinda hard to see though.

Sorry for the long delay in writing everyone, it is still weird for me not to be able to write the coolest parts of my days and so I just didn't get around to writing....but here I am.  So things have been great up here, I would have to say that I have been very blessed with the people that I am surrounded with, all of the BYU students who are awesome and great (most actually from BYUI), my roommates are some of my best friends (especially William my tongan from hawaii) and I have been able to just meet a lot of cool people.  So pretty much when I am not working then all of us here hang out together, we go to the pool, or go to the parks or get ice cream and watch a movie, or just sit and talk or walk to the strip mall, or a myriad of things, but it is so much fun, we have a blast for sure!!!  I would have to say the best part about all of us is that we are just like a bunch of kids at a candy shop as we go around the parks because we are all just so excited all the time and happy and just estatic to go on all the rides and go to the shows and to see the characters and it is just so so so so so so much fun, I love it!!!  We actually got a really cool compliment yesterday, we me and Cassie (the red head in all the pictures) we were on the bus yesterday coming home from work and this guy from pennsylvania figured out that we were mormons and he told us that he loves hanging out with the BYU kids because they know how to have a good time without doing anything bad or morally wrong, it was cool cause he realized that even though we don't drink or smoke or whatever that we have more fun than everyone else, he truly said that hanging out with mormons, especially in on their days off is intense and exciting cause we make the most of it for sure.  So that was pretty darn cool, I loved that comment.  Also...I don't think I wrote about this but I met this way cool girl named Emily who I think was from Wisconsin, and what was cool is we were working together and we were just sitting there waiting for our next shift and we were talking about dance and how there were periods in our lives when we weren't able to dance and how sad that was and I said that my time had been when I lived in Hungary for 2 years and she asked me why I lived there and I told her it was a mission for my church, and then she got all excited and said "yes I finally have met another hard core christen!"  it was so cool, she is a hard core christen as well, baptist, and just such a cool girl, and the cool thing is I could tell she was different before she told me cause she had not sworn once in front of me, and she was so kind to all the other workers around us and she was modest and had a very good spirit about her that naturally made me want to be with her cause it was comfortable, and so we had some great bonding time there with dance and with religion and it was way way way way cool, and I am hoping to find her again cause I wasn't able to get her number because then she can come hang out with all of us with morals and then we can dance too, it was a cool experience.  So other than that lets see here........I did get to go to a sweet dance workshop here at disney, it was just a basic jazz one but it was so nice to get dancing again, I went with two people from my training group (Elle and Michelle) and it was great fun and really nice to get to meet a bunch of other characters who love to dance, it was awesome.  And....this next friday then I am going to start a beginning stilt walking class, booyah!!!!!  and if I do the advanced one as well then I will probably start being put into shows as a stilt walker, how cool is that!!!  But ya I have now been to all the parks, I haven't been able to look around them completely yet but I have definitely had a great time, the Lion King show is amazing here (hopefully I can be in it when I get my stilt walking certification), and Fantasmic was great, I just got so excited, even though I know all the behind the scene sort of stuff that is going on I just love it and still get excited when I see Mickey appear and start commanding the waters, it is so much fun and wonderful!!  But ya I guess that is it for right now, I will put more if I remember something that I wanted to include, but I love you all and hope you are all doing well....oh ya and if there are any good books that I anyone thinks I should read just umm.....let me know, or even better send them to me cause I don't have a library out here because lets just say at work I do have quite a bit of time to read ( I got through a 120 pages of the Hunger Games yesterday during my shift, so I am going to read a ton of books), so ya books are appreciated.  Love yall!!!


  1. Wow! That sounds great! Thanks for writing Daniel. It makes me happy to hear about all the wonderful people and the exciting activities. You are having the great adventure for sure.

    The picture of you guys in the Japanese costumes was funny, and all of your friends have great smiles. I wish I could click on the pictures and make them bigger like you can on the family blog so I could see them better. Thanks for putting up pictures. It makes it all so real.

    And meeting another hard core Christian is a real bonus. There are some fine people in the world.
    Well, keep having fun. I love you.

  2. Gee, that Emily girl sounds awesome. I really hope you find her again! And way to go being an awesome Mormon in a crazy place. :) I love you.