Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 7,8,9

Well......things are being amazing, we finished up our training yesterday and today was my first day of legit work and oh man it was awesome!!!!  I just want to say I love my job and think it is amazing (but yet again if you want to know more about that you will have to personally call me or facebook chat me or something of the sort) and I have a ton of stories that I can totally share that are the best and really magical so give me a call!!!!  But other than that then pretty much we have just been being exhausted and just been resting a lot after work but it feel great!!!  Last night I watched the Fox and the Hound for the first time ever (yup didn't grow up on that one) and it was sad but really good, I quite enjoyed it.  Also I have been making awesome amazing friends both member and non-member and they are the best (looks like I might be the designated driver sometimes cause it got out that well...I don't drink, booyah!!) they really are fun and overall good people.  The coolest thing though is to see the way that the girls react to someone who is a gentleman.  So in the mormon culture, especially at BYUI then we are taught to be gentlemen and to be very kind and respectful to the ladies and we are also taught to be very helpful and always there for others, and it kinda just becomes natural to want to help to make someone's burden lighter and to help someone be more comfortable.  So we were all waiting for the bus at Disney Animal Kingdom and it came up that I served a two year mission for my church in Hungary and it was way cool cause one of the girls just turns to me (Hannah) and she just starts commenting on what a different man I am from others because I am a gentleman, I am there to help and want to without reward and that I am just wanting to be a good person and strive to be that.  Pretty much she was impressed with how mormon boys are, they are respectful and helpful and loving and happy, so it was so cool to see how over the course of 5 days how it affected these girls, I don't know if they think it is weird or not or how comfortable they feel with it, but I know that it did impress them and that it was a nice change, so go Mormons!!  Anyways, so that was super enjoyable and really a good motivator to me to continue to be the best I can be because the people here need it, both the guests and the workers.  Other than that you will have to call me to get more details about my amazing magical adventure up here, but I love you all tons and hope things are going well in your lives!!!!  Have a Magical Day!!!

Daniel Carter


  1. Hey It's a magical day every time you write about your adventures. That is so cool that you are loving your work. And it is awesome that the girls are loving you. Who could resist your smile and your energy (and your shining good looks!)

  2. Happy that I happened upon your blog through Camille's. Keep living it up, friend!

  3. That's awesome that you've made such an effect! You are a good representation of what our church stands for. I love you!