Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 3 and part of 4

ok, so on day three then we had kind of the general orientation meeting called traditions and basically what it was for was to help orient us to what kind of traditions disney has and what makes disney special and what sort of things are expected of us.  We went on a tour of the behind the scenes side of disney and got to see how we get around and just how everything works in general.  So that was cool, but then we went into Magic Kingdom and just walked around and observed everything and it was really cool and really exciting to see everything and realize that I was going to be a part of all of it and be able to be part of that magic, and it got me really excited.  But the traditions thing took from 8:00 until almost 1:00 so that was all good.  After that then me and my friend Cassie (also from BYUI) went to the Magic Kingdom and we had so much fun, we went on the Haunted Mansion, which was so much fun and while we were in line then we started to talk to this mom and her daughter that were behind us and they were so cool and nice, but the coolest part is that they gave us their fast pass passes for splash mountain, so we got to the front of the line really quick....but it doesn't stop there, later that before the fireworks (talk about that in a sec) Cassie, Michelle and I went to Space Mountain and it turned out that it had a 70 minute wait, but then this guy and this girl came up to us and said hey there are three of you and we have three fast pass tickets if you all want them, so we got those too and got right on the ride, it was so amazing, the Lord was just giving us little tender mercies everywhere.  But the best part was the fireworks, oh they were so beautiful, it was done to this music that was just beautiful and it was all about wishes and dreams and it was really touching, i just loved it and it touched me and really just made me want to stay and bring that magic to all the people that were there, it is going to be awesome!!  But anyway, here is the thing, they gave us a pretty firm lecture today in my first day of training and they told us all that we couldn't really talk about our job.....because we can't reveal that side of disney in such an open way, so I will keep on talking about my experiences just not really about my job as much, so if you want to hear about specifics then you can give me a call and I will talk to you about it and about what I am doing and what not as long as you don't go spreading it around.  But anyways, I love you all and here are a few pictures of some rides we went on, but I will write more later, love yall

Daniel Carter


  1. Dang secrecy policy. Oh well, it's worth it to be a secret agent for good. :) You look way excited in the Splash Mountain picture. Way to be!

  2. Cassie's hair looks so red in the first picture (but then so does everything else) so it probably isn't really that bright. You are a lucky guy with those two nice girls. It sounds like you had an awesome day. I love your enthusiasm Daniel. They are going to love you there. Thanks for writing.

  3. Wow sounds like you're having a blast pup putting your Daniel spin on the world, never knew it could happen like that. Just remember don't do anything I wouldn't do :)hehehhe