Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 2

Alright, things are going great, I am loving it here and I just keep making more friends and having more and more fun.  First off I have to write about the awesome armadillo we saw last night, yup.  we were sitting at a bus stop and we heard something in the bushes behind us so we turned around and watched and an armadillo was just sauntering through the bushes like it was totally normal, it was way cool.  But anyways, today then I hooked up with an awesome friend Alexa Winn who I actually met at auditions for character performing in march and I haven't seen her since but we have kept up on facebook and become really good friends, and today then we got to hang out and go to the store together and it was awesome, and it is sweet to have made a great friend out of her, we will have fun.  Other than that we started on our way to a big pool party (William (my roommate), Cassie, and Kathrine) and as we left it just started to pour rain, it was way way way way crazy just poured like there was never going to be another day of rain.  So we just walked there in our swimming suits and splashed in puddles (thanks mom for the sandels they hold up really well in water) and then went and got some pizza and swam a bit, (parties are way different here than in utah and idaho, dancing is different and was fun and funny at the same time, we had a good time), and then we just walked around int he pouring rain talking and splashing in puddles, it was awesome!!!  so ya florida has crazy heat, crazy humidity, and crazy rainstorms everyday, with lightning and thunder, it is awesome and I love it.  other than that we just played scum all night and I gave myself a hair cut, and it turned out alright, not the best, but good enough.  So ya that is day 2 and I am excited for tomorrow cause that is when the real stuff gets rolling, booyah!!!!!



  1. Wow! You can swim in the pool and then get out and swim through the air. You get just as wet either way. I'm glad we got those sandals too. It sounds like a blast tromping through the puddles with friends (complete with a friendly armadillo!)

  2. Hehe! I love the idea of rainstorms in swimsuits. You are having an aaaawesome time.