Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Day

Well, so far so good, I went through my first day of orientation and it went pretty well, we did all of the paper work including background check, pay roll, schedules and all of that sort of stuff, so it went really well and I am pretty much set up to get going and start working my butt off and I am so excited!!  I have also hooked up with two other character performers from BYU-I that I actually knew from before, one of them, Michelle, is the cousin of my old roommate Gary so that is pretty cool.  But ya Cassie and Michelle have both become my new best friends and we are having a blast just doing stuff together like going shopping and eating and just exploring.  One interesting thing that has happened so far is when I landed on Tuesday it turned out that my ride wasn't going to be showing up until 10:30 and I got there at 4:00 so I ended up finding a corner and curling up and sleeping a lot and then I watched so you think you can dance on the internet, it was a long wait but it worked out.  The best part of that night is this sign that I found on a hotel that we dropped off a couple of the girls at, it looked like this:
Them poor "slow happy children"
So that just made my night, oh man.  But ya, last night was good too, we have been learning the bus systems well and we went to the Beach Club resort at disney and hung out on the beach there and watched a bugs life on a big screen and then went and got these huge kitchen sinks full of ice cream and every topping imaginable at this place called Beaches and Cream, and it was intense, but we ate it and the whole place was amazed (the best part was drinking the remains at the end, booyah!!!!)  So so far so good, I am loving it, making awesome friends, and getting so excited to start training.  Oh...and I turns out that I am officially a character performer for shows and parades, so that should mean that I am going to be dancing like crazy which makes me super excited and happy, training will start on saturday for that so I will keep yall posted!!!



  1. Woohoo! Go Daniel. I'm soo excited that you get to be a dancing performer. And that you've found some awesome people to hang out with. :) Thanks for putting up this blog, I really wanted to know how things were going!

  2. That sign is really funny Daniel. It sounds like you had a major wait in the airport. And you got to go to the BEACH! Cool. I wish I was there. Thanks for fun intro to Florida.

  3. Paragraphing is next to Mickeyness. ;)