Monday, September 13, 2010

Little kids can be so darn cute

Well, life is still kicking along down here, yup yup, things are going just peachy!!!  I would have to say that the one thing that I have truly learned a lot about this last week-ish is the power of body language, how much you can truly get across through your actions.  In my job then I have the opportunity to be in contact with a lot of guests everyday, and I have the opportunity to interact with them in a lot of situations.  In those situations then we communicate a lot though body language, through a hug, a high five, through a blown kiss, through a dance, and other such things.  But the amazing thing is even though the people aren't really communicating with us through means that they are used to (words) there is a special connection formed between us many times.  many times in the last week or so I have realized the power of a strong hug, or a gentle hug, or a loving hug, or a small squeeze, each based upon the person receiving it.  each person you can tell needs something different, something special to make their day magical and to give them the love and connection that they need.  so when I hug a bigger guy then it is a strong hug with back patting and strength and they feel that respect of their manliness, with a sturdy woman then it is a strong, consistant hug that gives that pressure that tells them that you love them and are their friend, for a smaller woman then a soft hug with not a lot of pressure is used to not smash them in the first place, but to show respect for their femininity but then pressure can be applied into the hands to show that same love that would be shown through a strong hug.  then with children it is a gentle hug, one that is tender, with maybe a little rub on the back, and you just hold them as long as they want to be there, even if it be a couple of minutes, they just love that closeness and that warmth and love.  Now with all of this it is amazing but you can feel a type of connection, an openness where...I guess you could say your spirits connect, and it is amazing to see how the people change, men who are hard and look as if they don't usually show emotion will laugh and then give ya a strong hug and they will just be smiling the rest of the time, children who are stone walls will break and smile and dance around with ya.  Now of course this doesn't always work but many times it does and it is a beautiful amazing thing, and really makes work amazing!!!  It is amazing how you can just use your body as an instrument of communication to connect with others and let them know how you feel, especially when it is the only instrument you have to communicate with.  So ya that is something interesting that I have been observing and that I have really come to love about my job.  Other than that, things are going great, my friends are amazing, we had an FHE tonight that we organized and it was fun to be with friends and to be able to just delve into spiritual things and really be able to be lifted up by it all. is something fun, I went to a workshop this last friday and it was a stilts workshop!!!  yup yup I now know how to walk on stilts, jump on stilts, skip on stilts, ya it is so much fun, I am hoping to be able to go to another beginner workshop and then do the intermediate one and then hopefully I will be pulled for parades and shows as a stilt walker, how cool would that be???  booyah!!!  So ya that was way amazingly fun, if mom and dad want to get us all some then I could teach everyone!!! hehehehe....  Anyways, I also am finding a great outlet though my dancing, yup yup!!  my roommates were both gone so I cleared out the living room and hooked up the music and just danced for an hour or so and it was amazing to just fling myself around and just express how the music made me feel and to really just open up like I did back at school, oh man it felt so good.  The funniest part was when my roommate asked me what I had done that day I told him I had been dancing and he asked where and i told him in the living room, then he asked who my partner had been, and I said myself, and then he just told me that that was very awkward, and I just laughed cause I didn't expect him to understand why I would just dance by myself.  Anyways, so things are great, I am loving life down here and making many friends for sure.  I hope everything is going well for everyone else, and I love you all!!!

Daniel Carter


  1. That was very insightful Daniel. It was cool to see how you are communicating with the people through individual hugs and genuine love. I appreciate how you can give them an opportunity to have a magical day through a soul connection and shared joy. That is a rare thing you are getting to do. You have love and energy to spare. This is definitely a great job for you.

    I love the thought of you dancing in the living room by yourself. It is so clarifying and intuitive to move in the way you feel - just for yourself and for your own enjoyment. Awesome. Thanks for writing Daniel. I love it.

  2. Oh gosh, that's hilarious. Too bad your roommate doesn't understand the power of just plain dancing. :/ I'm really glad you got a chance to do what you love!